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"We are a community made up of people determine to intercede for Commercially Sexually Exploited Children and young women, through training, raising awareness, and safe dwelling. "

Dangerous Words!!!

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I remember growing up how family and friends were quick to label me. The fact that they couldn’t easily understand me, in their mind it was a ticket to define what their limited perception allowed. I grew up thinking of myself in a way that I shouldn’t those voices that name called echoed in silent places. The voices that tried to stop me from my destiny rang loud every time I tried to take a step forward, but they pulled me back.

Parents we must bridle our tongue when we are angered with our young people. WE must be careful not to call them “stupid, silly, loose, shy, fat, ridiculous and much more. The name we call them are seeds, they are seeds that take root over the years. They will hear your voice no matter how many “I’m sorry” you sing. Words are powerful that’s why God says life and death are in the power of our tongues. Mom and dad you have the power to speak life and blessings over your youth. Of course they will do the dumbest things on earth and they will make some absolutely horrendous decisions, but we have to be patient.

Be careful!!!  one wrong word of hurt or your disappointment in them, can push them to a place you won’t be able to save them from. They maybe going through so much more than they can speak, they are probably making poor choices because of peer pressure. The worst thing you can do is push them away by the things you say. Tough love means making hard decisions which is the betterment for their future, not speaking to them in a degrading or insulting manner.

When you feel your temperature rising,  your blood is boiling and that one nerve you had left jumps off the cliff… breathe…. Inhale and exhale. Calm down get your words together and don’t allow your anger or disappointment to lead you in throwing up words you can’t eat.

“Don’t give them a label that doesn’t belong to them”

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