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Too Young to Date


When I look at this photo I become afraid for our youth, I become worried about this upcoming generation, I think about all the teen pregnancies and insufficient care for the babies, the diseases with no cures. This picture makes me question “where on earth are their parents”?. Guess what? the most troubling thing is the parents allowed it! Yes I said “allowed it”. Way too frequently you see these adolescent ‘hook ups’. Parents are allowing their daughters, baby teens (13, 14,15,16) to have boyfriends… EXCUSE ME???. Have you lost your natural mind? When did it become ok at such a young age to give this type of responsibility to a child? My fellow parents when you open the “dating door” You must understand that the door can never be closed again, and a lot of things and situations are about to enter though that door.

Let me guess “everybody is doing it”? you got to together with your ‘moms group’ and you all agreed it was ok’ now you take tuns with the foolishness of dropping off and picking up your baby!  WAKE UP…Raising a teen is hard enough but when you throw your precious daughter to the wolves you better be ready for what is coming home with her. Peer pressure is real! mom you know, you allowed your baby teen to talk you into having a boyfriend. Who is the parent you are the child? Stop trying to be friends. They don’t want to be your friend! that’s just an excuse they use to manipulate you. And please don’t say they will do it anyway, because a 13-16 girl should not have any say what so ever about what she will do and not do. We are the parents we enforce the rules, we are supposed to protect our daughters, we should be teaching them self-respect and high moral standards, and the importance of higher education.

When you open the dating door at such a tender age it is DANGEROUS. Your daughter may get all A’s, cleans her room, she may be very respectful and responsible. But hear me when I tell you she is NOT ready to date. Her precious mind is marred when she dates, she now has to live up to the girlfriend status, she now becomes more conscious of her appearance which leads to self-esteem issues, she is now reading adult magazines on dating, social media is blowing her mind with images and thoughts, she now becomes a high risk for teen pregnancy, that one kiss can turn her healthy life upside down with diseases, she is now facing the green-eyed demon called jealousy, and the list goes on.. Mom dad, your daughter is precious you must protect her and not give her up to a life she is not ready for. Her education and mental stability is crucial to her healthy growth. Once you open the “dating door” there is an attitude that comes with it, and you must be willing to hold yourself accountable.

“Pet a dog you don’t know, and it may bite you”